Our passion for sports

Contract Support With an expert team of experienced contract negotiators we will ensure the best deal is negotiated and ensure all the relevant tax and legal advice is at hand. Our success in these areas is well established and recognised in the business.

Sponsorship We have been successful in completing many product deals from clothing, video games and personal appearances for our clients. Our many contacts are always keen to work with our clients in this area.

Public Relations We work with our long established PR company to ensure the best image is portrayed at all times.

Lifestyle Services From babysitting to looking for a table at a nightclub service our partners - who we have used for over 10 years - have been highly effective and rock solid reliable.

Legal Services We have a relationship with what we consider to be some of the best legal counsel in Sports Management. MaxBitelGreene and Blackstone Chambers have successfully represented our business for a number of years.

Financial Advice Our Financial advisors have worked wonders in ensuring our clients have invested their earnings wisely. We encourage this approach with all of our clients from an early age.

Our contact details
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  • info@cssports.co.uk